Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This was my absolutely favorite little part of Chicago. Unfortunately we did not spend nearly enough time walking the streets and visiting the shops because it was so stinking hot and muggy that day. All I know is I am so going back to Chicago just for this area alone. So here are a few spots we were able to visit on our outing to Bucktown. We stopped at Una Mae's where I purchased some great earrings and bracelets for my sister and a cute little dress for myself. Then we stopped off at this unique bookstore called Myopic Books where I snagged a book of Victorian images as well as a book of songs by Neil Young along with fancy little etched style illustrations too. Of course one of my objectives was to find a few more brooches to add to my bridal bouquet and I ended up leaving with 6 more from this adorable and super chic vintage store called Store B Vintage. Here's a spot of History of Bucktown and some images of the places we visited.

History of Bucktown

Popular theory has it that the Chicago neighborhood of Bucktown got its name in the early 1800's as a result of its primarily Polish population's penchant for raising goats, the male of which is called a buck. Bounded by North and Fullerton Avenues, Bucktown is a slightly less expensive alternative to other, higher-priced Chicago neighborhoods, although prices are rising. The area has many trendy restaurants and upscale shops appealing to young professionals and real estate developers alike. But remnants of a historic and quainter Bucktown are evident in the hundred-year-old buildings and cobblestone paths.

This community boasts more artists than any other area in the Midwest, including an artist colony called Gallery Point. This Chicago neighborhood also hosts the Bucktown Arts Fest, attracting over 30,000 visitors to the area every August. The Around the Coyote Festival occurs every September in celebration of the neighborhood's creative spirit.

Damen Avenue is the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, and it seems every street in Bucktown has its own neighborhood bar. A thriving nightlife also has provided the area with a higher-than-average ratio of hip bars, clubs, posh restaurants, and shopping opportunities galore.

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