Thursday, June 24, 2010

Litter Box Heaven

Since we have two cats cleaning the litter box is a task I loathe and find a challenge. Although our two cats are female and abnormally small for adult cats the amount of waste they generate can be overwhelming sometimes. We did try to get them to use a human toilet with the Litter Kwitter system. But unfortunately that failed since we only have one bathroom in the house and there are two of them.We even considered purchasing a toilet like this one for them. but after reading the reviews about roasting poop smells we decided to forgo that idea. My fiancée mentioned this new litter box yesterday and I found a post on this blog about it. After watching some videos and reading the website I am convinced this might eliminate some of the issues I have been having with cat litter messes. Let's hope this will be a better solution and the cats will take to it. You can find these new functional cat litter boxes here.

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