Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy about florals

After a few recent shopping trips I surveyed my purchases and noticed that I've been buying dresses and tops with floral prints. I know it's super trendy at the moment that's why all the shops and websites are stocked with everything floral. From tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, shoes and outerwear. I must calm this floral craze otherwise my closet will be stocked with nothing but floral prints for months, until I re-organize my massive closet that is... There's nothing like a good trip to Buffalo Exchange to sell some of my oldies and gain a few bucks or trade in my stock for some Buffalo Exchange goods. I think I need to lay off the clothing buying habit for awhile as one my tasks from my to-do list this weekend is to re-organize my closet....a little torn between the excitement of what I might find hidden in the darkest parts of my closet and little overwhelmed by the task because I know how much stuff I have to go through. It might end up requiring a trip to the Container Store this weekend if not soon.

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