Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend Gardening Project

A closer shot of the scrumptious raspberries we ate shortly after this photo was taken

Our raspberry bush has tripled in size since we planted last year and we got 7 berries to enjoy with our tea

Second year of one of our artichokes plants that we sprouted from seed

Green and purple cabbage planted next to the asparagus which is on it's first year and we will have to wait another two years before we can harvest it for eating

Kale planted next to the old brussel sprouts and leeks

Cleaned up the strawberry corner and added some new ones to the family

Freshly planted japanese cucumbers, and bush cucumbers. We have not had too much luck with these the past two seasons so we'll see how they do growing up the make shift trellis

Freshly planted bush beans

These are some of the seeds we saved from last years harvest. There are some leeks, bush beans, ground cherries, sweet corn and radish seeds

These are some of the brussel sprouts we had growing and now it was time to harvest some. Now what to make with these hmmm...

This past Labor Day weekend my fiancée and I spent a few days at our garden at his grand parents house. We spent most of our time taking out dead plants, saving seeds and clearing out lots of weeds. We made room for new plants so the project was extended onto the next day. We went down to the local nursery which sells mostly to wholesalers but is still open to the public. We purchased a few bags of planting compost and lots of new veggies to plant. We left the nursery with corn, strawberries, lots of different types of lettuce, rue herb, chives, black beauty eggplants, bush beans, bush cucumbers, japanese cucumbers, kale, green and purple cabbage,lavender and spinach all for $30 dollars. Then it was onto the planting that resulted in an all day project and very sore legs from all the squatting and digging. In the end we were satisfied with the results and sat back with my fiancées grandparents to enjoy the last of the beautiful weather we had as it has ben a very gloomy week here in southern california. His grandmother kept us full with endless clementines from their tree, some apples and peanuts. Which I ended up eating most of and did not have much room for dinner later on in the evening. These three day weekends always feel so productive and I wish we had more of them to enjoy. I know I am not alone in saying this as we noticed there were more people out working on their homes, gardens and spending time with friends and family.

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