Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Weekend

This weekend is the official future in laws meeting weekend. I have been planning for this for quite awhile now and I still feel unprepared. My parents will be arriving tomorrow afternoon and staying at my house. They will officially meet my fiancees parents on Saturday for the very first time. His parents have been born and raised in Long Beach, CA all their lives. Which makes them not only California natives but Southern California natives. I grew up in Northern California as of the age of eight when the family decided to pack everything up and leave our native mother Russia for a better life in the United Sates. My parents have since moved to Washington Sate so visit are are few and rare because of the distance. Washington is beautiful, green, lush and covered with trees. It reminds me so much of Russia and maybe that's one fo the reasons my folks decided to up root the family yet again and moved up there. So getting back to this big weekend we will be having. I have been slightly on the stressed side these past few weeks because of this impending visit and because of all the necessary preparations I have had to undertake to make my parents feel welcome and at ease. I know it will be fine and I will most likely laugh at myself for being unnecessarily stressed but I am a perfectionist at heart and a big planner. I will post photos of the weekend next week and details on the happenings that will take place.