Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Mag

So many exciting things have taken place all in one day, today! First I had my annual review at work, which went really well. Second our wedding photographer has posted two amazing photos from our e-session. Finally the third and one of my fave things to happen today was the arrival of the ANTHOLOGY Magazine. I first found out about it on the KRISATOMIC Blog and immediately had to order one. What's great is that I completely forgot about it and it was such a delightful gift for me to open my mailbox and find it waiting there for me . I love getting good mail as opposed to bills or junkmail. I love the smell and feel of newly printed magazines and books, especially when no one else has laid their hands on them like they do at Borders or Barnes and Nobles. I highly recommend at least checking out their site and becoming their fan on Facebook. If you really love the magazine take the plunge and subscribe to the print version too.

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