Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sights and Sounds of Downtown Houston Part 2

Today is my last and final day here in Houston. Although it has been nice to see and visit a new part of Texas I am ready to go home.

We have a few hours left at our Booth and then it is off to the airport. For those who have not visited Houston before I have one suggestion do not stay downtown. There is not much to see or do in the downtown area as it is only bustling between the hours of 9am to 5pm. It is a city for business.

It is worth visting other parts of Houston for the historical side of the city and for Antique shopping. The one thing that made my visit worth it was seeing my old friend Elaine. As she is completing her residency here as an Optomologist.

The other evening on our way back to the hotel from our Booth I heard swarms of birds swquaking away and flying back and forth from tree to tree. It was so odd to hear as I had not seen any wildlife in the downtown area during my whole stay. I was able to capture a few phtoos of the male bird and the female birds yesterday on my lunch break. After some research online I found out that these birds are called Brewer's Blackbirds and are a common bird of Houston.

The male Brewer’s Blackbird is a glossy, almost liquid combination of black, midnight blue, and metallic green. Females are a staid brown, without the male’s bright eye or the female Red-winged Blackbird’s streaks. They are common in western towns and open habitats seen ground-foraging, on sidewalks and city parks as well as chuckling in flocks atop shrubs, trees, and reeds.

Here are the two photos I captured of these birds. Now I am off to finish my last bit of packing and maybe grab some breakfast if I have enough time.

The Females

The Male

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