Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After our lovely trip out to Pacific Crepes we decided to do a spot of shopping as my sister still needed a lace dress for our Sunday Brunch.

We found some lovely items but no lace dress when we were interrupted by a phone call from Sovana and Nancy letting us know that they had arrived at the rental home. We quickly made our final purchases and dashed off to the car to meet them. While they were getting situated in the house Miss Tiffany arrived just in time for a trip down to the beach and then back to State Street for a little bit more shopping and some cupcakes from WhoDidily the cutest little cupcake shop I've yet to see. I have to thank Sovana and Nancy for finding this little spot of heaven.

Since I have been abstaining from eating any sweets right after Christmas I decided this was weekend was a good time to treat myself and indulge a little. So I promptly ordered the Whipple Scrumptious cupcake. Which is a Red Velvet cake lightly sprinkled with mini chocolate chips topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting. I enjoyed every bite of this delicious and super moist cupcake. Our next stop was to look for a lace dress again so we headed up State Street and we all ended up with a little something and our mission was complete thanks to Forever 21 (of course) and Sovana for finding the perfect dress for my sister. To end our excursion we took off for the grocery store for some more wine and a meal to make back at our rental for the night.

We ended up drinking more wine than actually eating and soaking in the jacuzzi while gazing at out glorious view and the blanket of starts that shown brightly over us that night. My friend Amy was the last to arrive that night and she quickly joined us for a glass of wine in the jacuzzi and we did a little bit of dancing in our swim suits to finish off the night.

Since we had some many leftovers from our planned dinner Amy whipped up a smart breakfast for us all using what we did not cook the night previous. After which Camille, Amber, Kelly and Tracy arrived to join us for the remainder of the weekends festivities. Our plans were to do some shopping with all the girls downtown and then we would be off to do some wine tasting. Before our wine tasting excursion was to begin we stocked our bellies with some food from The Natural Cafe. Which is a spot I used to frequent on my many visits to Santa Barbara while I was in college.

I will skip our wine tasting portion as that will be in my next post and I will go straight to our dinner out that night. Which was at Arch Rock Fish and I know it would have been a great meal but I unfortunately began to feel ill (digestively speaking) so I was not even able to enjoy my meal or even much else the rest of that night until we got back to our rental home and hopped in the jacuzzi.

I am going to save the food that we enjoyed during our brunch on Sunday for a later post this week. It was all so delicious and lovingly prepared and planned by Amy with the help of Sovana , Nancy and Tiffany. If I missed anyone else that helped I apologize as I was occupied with snapping photos that morning.

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