Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is my last and final post about my weekend of being a single lady and having some of my favorites ladies to share the occasion with me in Santa Barbara.

Although we stayed up until about 3am on saturday night in the jacuzzi. I was still able to get myself out of bed by 8am on Sunday to begin the food preparations for our planned brunch which was followed by a few games.

My dear old friend Amy arrived on Friday night with all her cooking supplies in hand for this wonderful feast she has planned. We had waffles with the most amazing Maple Syrup from Montreal. Berries with some greek yogurt, potato pancakes (made by my sister), lots of bacon, delicious scrambled eggs, leftover veggies and cheese.

Of course for dessert Amy hipped up her very own Lemon Tart and Bread Pudding which was well paired with our Red Velvet cupcakes. By the end of the meal I was so full I could barely move. All I wanted to do was to crawl back into my swimsuit and lounge in the hot jacuzzi (although it was quite a warm day out)

Overall I really had such a fun time the entire weekend and lots of new and great memories were made. I look forward to spending more time with these lovely ladies in the near future. We will rent out the fabulous house again soon. Thank you all for coming and spending the weekend with me.


  1. OMG my mouth is still drooling from all that goodness!!! Thanks Amy :)

  2. Breakfast is the best, especially with such a yummy feast.

    I visited Santa Barbara for my first time last year (with my girlfriends, coincidentally), and loved it. It's beautiful and there's a lot of frozen yogurt. :)

  3. Julia and Yuriy I am so fortunate to only be less than two hours south of beautiful Santa Barbara. We are definitely going to try and make this trip an annual one and rent the same house if it is available.