Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As the final stages of wedding planning are in full swing these few months before our wedding day on 4/16/11 I've got quite the list of projects to wrap up.

This project ties into my recent bachelorette weekend in Santa Barbara. On Saturday evening after our wine tasting was completed and we dashed off to pick-up our cupcakes. As we were turning to drive up the street to our rental home Amy spotted a sideboard on the curb with a free sign taped onto it. It was quite dark out and we would have missed it completely if it was not for our headlights hitting it in just the right spot. We quickly pulled over and inspected the time. I was delighted to find out that it was an Ethan Allen sideboard, and even though it was not in the best condition and was missing some hardware, I had to have it.

I conveniently perched myself on top of the sideboard turned the lights on my Bride-to-Be tiara on and waited for Amy to drop off the girls so we had enough room in our minivan to fit this little find. It took 4 of us to lift it into the van as this thing was solid wood, not your usual little particle board Ikea furniture... I believe I not only gained this free item but a few bruises on my legs to boot. Which was well worth it because now I had a table of sorts to use for the entry display at our wedding. Along with all the other events of that weekend this was one of the most memorable ones and I will end up using this sideboard in my craft room to store paper goods, fabrics and other bric-a-brac items after the wedding.

These are some images I found online that have similar features as my own sideboard. I will have photos of the before and after when I have completed my planned re-styling of it.

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