Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As this next holiday approaches I thought I would share some lovely greeting cards that I am in love with.

These are all handcrafted and impeccably designed. This year with the wedding planning in full swing I will not be making my very own Valentines cards. I will on the other hand still send out some lovely Valentines Greetings. Because let's face who does not like to receive a little something for Valentines Day!

These first two are plantable, handmade and oh so darling. You can buy them from the Girl in Gear Studio's Etsy shop here.

This third one is from another shop on Etsy ( afavorite design) and it's simple yet classic. Like sending a handwritten love note to someone special. You can buy it here.

And last but not least these little lovelies are made by the talented Anastasia Marie: Handcrafted Cards and Stationery. I will getting my very own custom made thank you cards for my bridal party very soon, and I am so looking forward to what she cooks up for me. You can see the rest of her Sweet Love Collection here.