Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The ever so talented husband and wife Julia and Yuriy of Mr and Mrs Globe Trot have done something amazine yet again.

Yesterday they released their new website/shop Handle with Care. Which is an accumulation of their travel photos, prints, postcards, t-shirts and some free wallpapers.

If you did not already know about their fantastic blog which they started after their wedding to document their 6 month traveling honeymoon. You should definitely check it out. I love to read their posts about all the places they visit and the people they see. Of course they take beautiful photographs as they are both photographers.


  1. I bought the shirt with the globes on it for Matt...he's going to love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. awesome, and I ma sure he will love it

  3. These people are so full of themselves. I checked out their twitter and they just boast about their photography. It's nice that they're giving 15 percent back to charity but the environmental impact they make with the traveling they do is causing more damage than good.

  4. @Anonymous What leads you to believe that they are full of themselves? They're amount of traveling is just a drop in the bucket if you account for all the traveling that is done everyday, every hour, every minute and second by millions of humans on this planet. This is just one facet of environmental damage if you microscope out and look at the big picture.