Monday, March 14, 2011


I hope all of you had a lovely weekend and made some time to enjoy the small things. After last weeks major planetary changing event along with daylight savings time it has been quite an epic weekend mentally and physically.

Alas a new work week is set to begin and the time change adjustment to get used to. Despite everything that occurred last week, I was able to accomplish quite a few things this weekend and get moving on some projects from my planned weekend to do list.Wedding invites were all completed and sent out. Now that I've got that out of the way, I begin on the sideboard as all required items for the refashioning were purchased and I cleared a good space in the garage for the work to begin.

After obtaining the pattern block for the flower girls skirts along with a few last minute detail items I am ready to begin the construction. This will be a busy week and I plan on using my time wisely to complete all of these projects and a few others related to the wedding. I say one project per day after work and I should be well on my way to completion by Friday. Plus I still have until the end of the month to get everything together. Have a good week everyone and remember to enjoy the journey.


  1. i sometimes get overwhelmed with my large "to-do list" as well -- and like you, i space them out day by day. it's fun checking things off as you go. g'luck with accomplishing all of your goals for the week :)

  2. thanks @Justine and I will accomplish as much as I can muster the energy for.