Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Instead of starting my honeymoon trip posts right from the beginning I have decided to share a little bit about all the gelato I tasted throughout my vacation. I have to give credit to my hubby for this idea as it was his suggestion.

I honestly expected myself to be eating gelato non-stop, but because we had a big itinerary and many sights to see in each place I ended up having at least one cone with two flavors in just about every city we visited.

In Rome I had my first cone with Chocolate and Lemon. These two flavors went well together surprisingly and again my hubby suggested it as this was his favorite combo of flavors from his previous trips to Italy. The photo below is of my cone along with a shot of the delicious waffle stands we came across throughout the streets of Florence.

The next cone consisted of again Lemon with Raspberry. This time in Venice near the Rialto Bridge. It was one of the gelataria's Rick Steve's highly recommended in his Italy Guide Book and it was worth the walk from San Marco Square for it. Below is a shot of me in front of the shop with my cone in hand. This Lemon gelato was far more tart than the Lemon gelato in Rome.

Our next stop from Venice was Verona and do to the rain I did not end up having any gelato there unfortunately. It's no excuse when your in Italy but maybe next time. Following Verona we drove down to Florence and since we arrived on a warm beautiful day I most definitely had to try some gelato. It was quite interesting to see how each city varied in the way they presented their different flavors. In Rome and Venice the gelato was a little more flat in the pan but still fluffed up to look like clouds. But in Florence they had their gelato piled up high in volcano like shapes. The whole time I felt sorry for the girls that have to pick those pans up each day to take them in and out of the freezer for opening and closing times. I have a little experience in this from working at Baskin Robbins in high school and Coldstone in college.

Oh and the flavors I choose to have were Strawberry and yes Lemon again. Here is a shot of my cone and the volcano shaped pans of gelato.

Gelato in Florence

Gelato in Venice

After 3 days in Florence we drove out to San Gimignano in the Tuscany Mountains. It is a small hill town famous for it's towers and of course one gelato shop that has won the world championship for best gelato from 2006- 2009. They proudly display this fact on the front of the shop and you cannot miss this spot since there is usually a line of tourists out the door. I decided to have Chocolate along with Red & Black Currant for my two flavors. I have to say it was some of the best gelato I had during our trip.

Lastly my final cone of gelato which I do have to say was the best and my favorite of all was on the island of Capri and our last visited stop on this trip. This cone consisted of Lemon and Coffee flavors. I was really surprised at how creamy yet fresh the Lemon was and it paired so well with the Coffee flavor. I am still dreaming of that perfect cone today! Below is a shot of my cone and a few shots of some pastry shops we walked by in Rome and Venice. I wish I could have brought some of those tasty gelato flavors back to share with you all but you just have to go for yourself to really enjoy it.


  1. I almost couldn't finish reading this post due to some serious envy! we loved eating gelato everywhere we went and I always had to have lemon too! But I have to agree the black current is my favorite (with something really mellow like plain vanilla). Can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

  2. I love gelato too & I was drooling over this post! My favorites are lemon, lime, raspberry & bacio but would live to try the red & black currant!

  3. Oh my goodness! Italy! EVERYTHING tastes better in Italy! The pasta, the pizza, the gelato! Italians surely know how to cook, hats up to them. I live in Bavaria (as you know from Jenni's post) and we are very close to Italy. We are thinking of taking the next vacation there, drive through the country enjoy, the sea, the sights, the food, the gelato ;))))
    ANd yes, if you can, you have to visit Germany! Especially Bavaria :))) The Christmas markets are something else, I tell you!

    Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend.

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