Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We were quite fortunate to be very close to the Roma Termini where we had to board our train to Venezia. Because we had luggage we ordered a taxi to drop us off in front of the station.

We had purchased our first class train passes in advance so all we needed to do was to show up on time and find out which track our train would be leaving from. After that it would just be a nice 3 and a half hour ride up to Venezia.

After we arrived at the station and found our track we leaned up against our luggage and just people watched for awhile. The most funniest and sort of disgusting thing we were lucky to witness was an owners dog taking a nice poop in the middle of the station, without the owner noticing. That was until someone stepped on it and he made sure to let that owner know, which led to him cleaning up after his pet. There was a fairly decent number of people at the train station traveling with their dogs. This was a surprising sightt to see as Roma is the city of cats.


  1. We had the most awful experience at Roma Termini, so reading your post made me cringe a wee bit. I'm so glad you didn't get stuck there for hours upon hours like we did!

  2. bummer, luckily we planned ahead and knowing that the hubby has been there before helped too