Thursday, June 16, 2011


Piazza San Marco (often known in English as St Mark's Square), is the principal public square of Venice, Italy, where it is generally known just as "the Piazza". All other urban spaces in the city (except the Piazzetta and the Piazzale Roma) are called "campi" (fields). The Piazzetta (the 'little Piazza') is an extension of the Piazza towards the lagoon in its south east corner. The two spaces together form the social, religious and political centre of Venice and are commonly both considered together.

For more on the plan of San Marco square and it's history click here.

A look at the square from one side (source)

A look at the lagoon side of the square (source)

Below are photos I took in and around the square.

One of the most expensive drinks we ever ordered, a Bellini. If you sit down at one of the restaurants that line San Marco square just be prepared for really high prices and they charge you 6 euro each for the orchestra. We choose the Caffe Florian which was opened in 1720 by Floriano Francesconi. It was patronized by the Venetians when the hated Austrians were at Quadri's . Te high prices are one of many reasons why the majority of tourists stand in the square and just listen to the music.


  1. my goodness! I bet it was nice being out in the open with the orchestra playing at all. was the food even good for being as expensive as it was?

  2. The food was actually really good for the outrageous prices. We were both prepared for spending some major money while in Venice, considering it is in the middle of the ocean and everything is shipped in by boat or train.