Friday, June 24, 2011


Our first meal in Venice at Ristorante Alla Conchiglia.

This lasagna was still sizzling when they brought it to our table

Some of the best Gnocchi I have ever eaten

Second fancy meal, again a recommendation by Rick Steve's and it was definitely worth it. This is the spot we had to wait for because it did not open until 7:30pm. The restaurant is called Trattoria Da Bepi.

The most delicious Tiramisu I have ever tasted.

So good we both ate it all

Our last meal at Tavernetta San Maurizio not too far from San Marco Square.

This was a tasty little treat sold all over Italy. It is like a mini jelly donut. Some come with jam and others with a custard.

Some pizza we ate after our visit to the Accademia neighborhood.


  1. All that food looks so yummy! I never made it to Venice on my trips to Europe. How lucky you got to go!

  2. Venezia's food looks amazing, especially the lasagna and pizza!