Monday, June 27, 2011


After our stay in Venezia our next stop on our honeymoon was Verona. Our first task before departing from Venezia was to find the Hertz Car rental center in downtown Venezia and rent our car for the remainder of our trip.

After a visit to the information desk in Downtown Venezia we found the Hertz office to pick-up our car. Below is a photo of our sweet ride, a Black Lancia, Delta.

We stayed outside of Verona in a small town called Lugagnano. Our hotel for our stay was the Best Western Hotel Antico Termine. It was strange driving up to this hotel as our GPS took us through the little town center out to a road surrounded by fields of orchards and vineyards. Upon arrival at the hotel we were told that our room would not be ready until 2 pm so we had to find a spot in the hotel to hang out for a few hours. They could have easily given us our room as there were barely any guests staying at this hotel.

Once we checked into our room, it was time to find a place to eat dinner. Since this town is so small the choices were very limited. We found one restaurant that sounded good, hooped in the car and programmed the GPS to take us to our destination. Long story short the restaurant we wanted to go to was not open and it looked like it had been closed for quite sometime. After this disappointment we decided to head back towards our hotel. This decision lead us to stumble upon a restaurant that was actually open. We finished off our first night with a pretty decent meal and I was able to use some of my Italiana as our waitress only spoke Italian.

Some great views of the sun peering through the clouds outside our hotel room window.

Next up will be a post on our day trip to see the sights and sounds of Verona.

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