Friday, August 26, 2011


This is officially my last post on our honeymoon trip to Italy. I have enjoyed sharing our photographs,and the fun and not so fun experiences while traveling. I hope to return to Italy and see all the parts we did not visit this time around. Thank you to all that commented along the way!

In honor of the last few weeks of the summer season I will have some fun posts about summer happenings in Southern California and why I love this season most of all, coming up next week!

Riding down the Funicular 

I waited by the ticket booths in Sorrento with the luggage while the hubby fetched our car

Last glance at Mount Vesuvius on our drive up to Rome

A final stop at our last petrol station

We definitely had quite the adventure with our little GPS

Looking out at our plane before departure fro Rome

A last look at Italy

Doesn't he look excited to be landing finally

Looking out at LA before landing. Such a stark difference compared to beautiful and green Italy.

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  1. awe how sad! goodbye Italy! till next time!