Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Hotel La Badia houses their own restaurant which is famous for their wood burning grill. We were both curious about the pile of cut wood that we noticed behind the hotel where we parked. We later came to find out what this wood was used for when we entered the restaurant for dinner.

Here is a little bit about the restaurant from their website;

The restaurant La Badia blends the freshest local ingredients and the chef's creativity into an incomparable culinary experience, such as the taste of salami made with game, spicy local cheeses and all the traditional Umbrian dishes.The emerald green extra virgin olive oil is produced by cold-pressed olives from the owners estates. The aromatic and strong vinegar comes from the full-bodied wines of the Orvieto area.The deep-red wine is extremely full-bodied and a perfect compliment for venison and the local renowned meats.The white wine is the Orvieto Classico, made with procanico, verdello, grechetto, drupeggio and malvasia grapes.

Here are some photos form our delicious meal;

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