Thursday, August 4, 2011


I came across this lovely idea from this blog and of course I had to take part. One because I love to take pictures, and two is because I love ideas like this that allow people in different places to collaborate in a creative way.

What is a photoswap? well here is how it works and what's involved;

The swap is based on the idea of two people sending each other films or disposable cameras for each other to develop!

Once the swap is open, anyone who wants to take part leaves their details with the organizer - then she pairs together two people depending on their location, postal requirements and the type of film that they want to use and develop.

Once the partners are paired the organizer then sends out the relevant information to each person regarding their partner and a date is set for the photos to be taken by. The photo taking period is normally about a month, however it can take two months to get all the photos in.

Once the photos have been sent, received and developed, they are then uploaded somehow onto the internet - normally through Flickr or the photoswappers blog.

My partner is Heather Liebler of and she took some beautiful black and white photographs with her Canon AE-1 camera of her families trip to Florida.

Heather also has a shop on Etsy where you can buy prints of her beautiful photography. You can check out what she has on sale here.

Here are the photos Heather took from the roll of film I had developed, enjoy! For a peek at the photos I took with a disposable camera, see Heather's post here.

To see more of the swapped photos from other participants you can check out the Photoswap blog.


  1. I love this!! I can't wait for the next round to open up. I'm definitely doing it.

  2. Such pretty photos! Thank you for such a sweet comment! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
    xo, Elsie