Tuesday, August 9, 2011


During our two night stay in Positano we were so very fortunate to have been able to stay at this lovely hotel Le Sirenuse.

We decided to stay at this hotel while in Positano because my hubby and his family had stayed here on a previous trip to Italy. One thing to know about Positano is that if you plan to visit and stay, start saving your money now. It is a boutique little beach town where everything is overpriced because of the location. The town and the hotel were both very beautiful and the service was over the top. We both felt bad for how nice and caring all the staff was to us the entire time we were there. They went out of their way to make sure you were comfortable and that you had everything you might possibly need or desire.
Our stay at the hotel included a massage at their in-house spa which we both took advantage of. I will tell you one thing about that massage, they did not skimp on the hot oil.

Not only does this hotel have amazing staff, beautiful rooms and views, a gym and spa but they also have quite a fantastic restaurant. La Sponda restaurant serves delicious Neapolitan cuisine prepared with local ingredients. At dinner, four hundred candles create an unforgettable atmosphere. Never had we once had six people waiting on us during our meal. One guy to help with the wine, another with the menu , someone to make sure our glasses were never empty and of course someone to come and clean off the crumbs from our table and to make sure the candles were all lit. It was not only a nice meal but one of the most pricey meals we will probably ever have.

In the end we enjoyed our short stay and we even had time to relax on the beach and catch a few rays of sun.

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