Thursday, September 1, 2011


I finally got my act together and took a drive out to the Pasadena with the hubby for the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It was a very hot summer day the Sunday we went, so much so that it made it very difficult to walk around the expansive display of vendor tents selling their goodies. I will definitely return during a cooler month here in Southern California for many reasons.

The first being that there are far more vendors selling better quality goods, and I am mainly referring to furniture with this statement. Our front living/dining room is still empty and we desperately need to get something in there. Otherwise all of our friends kids will call it the echo room when they come to visit. The other main reason why I plan to return to the Rose Bowl Flea Market is to check out the massive vintage clothing section there. I have a soft spot for pretty vintage clothes, not that I need anymore....

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