Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We celebrated our first anniversary with a little weekend trip to Palm Desert. Our rituals include going to Benny's Bagels for breakfast, followed by a trip to the Angel View Thrift Mart, lots of pool time in the sun, barbecuing by the pool, cocktails and a few celebratory dinners. We found one of the only Korean BBQ places in town for our last dinner it's called Maru, and it was quite good. The lovely pastries and macaroons can be found at French Corner Cafe. Their food however is not too good, but I highly recommend the pastries. 

I am already missing the heat and pool, until next time ( maybe for the Fourth of July!?).


  1. loved all your instagram updates on this place. made me miss the sun!

  2. We want to Palm Dessert for our first anniversary too! 10 years ago. Found an amazing Italian restaurant there, but I dont remember any names...just lots of sunny memories!