Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making Waves

She’s only fifteen but Lindsey Wixson is already making waves in the modeling industry. As a young Kansas-born girl she wanted to be either a chef or a lawyer, but when she was 12 Wixson decided she wanted to be a model.Wixson began her modeling career in 2009 when she signed with Vision Models in Los Angeles.Her runway debut was at the Spring 2010 New York Fashion Week in the Cynthia Steffe show. Wixson then went on to Milan where she opened the Spring 2010 Prada show as an exclusive, thus making her one of the most successful newcomers that season. She has since walked in shows for many notable designers in the Milan, Paris, London, and New York fashion weeks including Miu Miu, Missoni, and Sophia Kokosalaki.She is known for her unique looks and her lips, pout, and teeth. Wixson's hobbies include art, writing, and reading. I know she's a normal person like the rest of us but in the modeling industry her unique looks definitely make her shine amongst the rest of us normal folks and the other well known models out there. Although to us a models life sounds and looks glamourous it can be quite stressful. I know from my own stints while doing some hair modeling for several years. The auditions, the call times and the demand to look poised, beautiful and perfectly put together can take quite a toll on a person. To be in front of a camera and in front of hundreds of people making a fashion designers clothing look great is a very interesting combination of real life and fantasy life.

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