Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite finds online

Here are some of my favorite finds of this week. I know I am not the only one but whenever I shop for others I always find so many great things for myself. While I am on the subject of holiday gift giving and shopping. I had a very intriguing conversation with the cashier at Big Lots yesterday while purchasing holiday decor for work. She had mentioned how she rides the bus to and from work everyday and how she started participating the Salvation Army canned food drive which the Long Beach Transit Authority is putting on this year. They have placed a box on the buses where you can deposit these canned goods. She drops one can off in the morning on her way to work and another on in the evening on the her way back from work. Her thought process was that she was contributing in her own little way to families in need. She had also mentioned how she new what it is like to stand in line at the shelters to get food for her family and if she has anything extra she tries to help by sharing with others in need. Her wrists were draped with Rastafarian colored beaded bracelets which represented One Love that she believes should be shared with all living things on this planet. After my purchase was completed I thanked her and said the most important thing for everyone to remember is to continue to share, to treat each other kindly and humanely since we all do live and share the same planet.

This little camera is the coolest thing. You can find it here.

This would be perfect on camping trips for that added comfort lounge feel in the tent. You can find it here.

I love dinosaurs and this little felt guy is perfect for those little kids in your life. You can find it here.

I really love color coordinated items and this series is so awesome, especially since it's vintage. You can see more here.

Now that I have had two kitties for almost two years I love to see other kitties wearing hats. When I saw these I gasped with laughter. See some more here.


  1. Totally in love with the dinosaur! (Though I would buy it for myself :P)

  2. Same here, I would totally get it for myself as I love dinosaurs.