Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Flower Girls

I will be getting married in 4 months and I am excited, nervous and little stressed. I just made a list of all the things I have left to make and things left to pay for. This will be one of the biggest soirees I have ever had to plan and I have to say one of the most important ones in life.

The real reason for my post here is to tell you all a little bit about the outfits I have planned for my 3 flowers girls. I came across the inspiration for them from one of my favorite blogs Creature Comforts. I am slightly changing up the skirts, the tops, and of course my colors will be different.

As soon as the holidays are behind us I will begin sewing away. Luckily I will only need to make the skirts as I have purchased the most adorable shirts from JCrew on sale. On top of sewing the skirts I have been frantically searching for silver flats for the main flower girl (Karlie). Expecting for their to be an abundance of choices around in all the shops and online. Since these are a hot ticket item during the holidays. I have been left empty handed and in result I am re-thinking my original choice unless I find something after the holiday rush is over.

So here are a few sneak peeks at the fabrics I purchased in downtown LA while on my trip to the California Millinery Supply Company. The shirts I ordered from JCrew which arrived on my doorstep today and my 3 lovely flower girls. Two of which are my nieces Anastasia and Isabella and Karlie who is the daughter of one of our good friends (who will also be a groomsmen in our wedding)


  1. oh I'm so excited to see the end result! my oh my have anastasia and isabella gotten so old!!!!

  2. Indeed they have. I am so sad that I will miss their visit to Washington for the holidays this year. I do get to look forward to having them in my wedding though.