Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Baby Shower and visit to San Francisco

I can't believe this first month of the new year is almost over. It seems like just last weekend I was up in San Francisco at Ampy and Calvin's home in San Francisco. The view of the city from their home is just simply stunning. I enjoyed my stay and wished I could have stayed longer.

The main reason for my trip was for their baby shower. Ampy and Calvin are going to be having their first baby very soon. She is actually due on February fourth and I hope little Vesper will not be too late as the fourth is officially the Chinese New Year!

Ampy and I were inseparable through our Junior Highschool days and her parents were like my second parents. I went on family outings with them quite frequently and spent lots of time in their home. I reconnected with her through Facebook a few years back and was honored to be one of the secondary sponsors during her wedding.

Now for a bit about the babyshower which was held at the Walnut Country Club House in Concord. Ampy's parents still live in that community which we once shared as my family lived their briefly.

This was a co-ed baby shower so guys were allowed to come and join in the festivities. There was lots of yummy food and desserts to be had by all. We played some fun games and spent the rest of the time taking photos and chatting with each other. I really enjoyed my visit and I am looking forward to meeting little Vesper very soon.

Here are some photos of the games we played and the mommy to be herself.

The mommy to be

Game #1 where these lovely girls had to taste the different flavors of chocolate in diapers

Game #2 Two teams of three had to feed each other pudding while blindfolded, put on a diaper, spin and run back to the other team mate

Game #3 Of course the guess Ampy's belly size game with a string and I actually won this one

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