Friday, January 28, 2011

The Weekend Ahead!

So here comes another busy weekend. I am going to try my hardest to squeeze in so time to relax with everything that needs to be completed.

The main task is to do some major cleaning around the house. I really need to get my craft room organized and separate wedding stuff from normal crafty stuff. This will quite the task let me tell you as everything wedding has literally exploded in that room.

The other happenings this weekend are a lot more fun. For one we will be celebrating a promotion of a good friend of ours tonight as well as my promotion that is sorta of low key for technical reasons. Although I am still raving about it here!! We are also planning to spend time with another friend and check out this art show this Saturday night. As well as possibly trying out this new eatery, the scallops look delicious!

My fiancée spent a lot of time getting lots of seeds sprouted for this next planting season while I was away in Houston. Some of them are ready to be planted and others need a bit longer to mature before the big transplant. So we will be spending most of Saturday gardening our hearts out. Which will be nice since we have been blessed with this summer like weather here in Southern California for about 2 weeks now. Hope you all have some fun things in mind for your weekends.

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