Monday, January 10, 2011


Over this past weekend I spent some time with my dear good friend and best friend Ampy for her bridal shower. This will be her first baby and I wanted to make sure I was there to help celebrate this special time in her life. It was really great to see her,the city and many friends that I have not seen in a little while.

I returned last night and have repacked my bags for my trip to Houston, Texas this week. Although this is a work related trip for business I am still going to squeeze in some me time to check out Houston since this will be my first time in this city.

While doing some research about Houston I found out that Houston has a historical community/area called the Houston Heights. I immediately gasped when I learned that there is a row of vintage shops in that area. I will be making sometime tomorrow to visit the area and stop by some vintage and thrift stores there. I cannot pass up a chance to discover a new city especially when it involves historical buildings, clothing shops and eateries.

I will also try to see my friend Elaine that has recently moved there to complete her residency. I have a full schedule everyday for the business related aspect of the trip but I will make the best of it and have fun while I am there. I will have another post up about my trip to San Francisco and the Baby Shower. Thanks again Calvin and Ampy for your hospitality and for taking my around one of my favorite cities.

Here are a few photos from my trip up to San Francisco. More coming up on my next post about the Baby Shower I have been promising to put up for awhile now.

A view of the City from the Twin Peaks

By the golden coast

The other side of the Twin Peaks

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