Friday, February 25, 2011


Although I am swamped with work, day to day life, and wedding planning I could not forget about the actual honeymoon.

It took us a long time to finally decide on where we wanted to go as there are so many places I have yet to see that my dear husband to be has already seen on his many family trips growing up. After months and months of deliberation we both decided on Italy. We are fortunate enough to get 3 weeks to ourselves in this beautiful country. I am now starting to get excited about it after starting to read some materials on the places we will see when we are there.

Thanks to a few co-workers that invited me to come along with them during our lunch break. I was able to obtain all my new travel literature at a fraction of the original price from the Borders down the street from where I work since it is closing and everything is on sale. I also received a nice stack of books from my mother in law which I have started to flip through as I read about each city we are to visit.

My purchases consist of the Michelin 2011 Italy Road Atlas, which will be very helpful as we are driving for most of the trip. Next is Rick Steve's Italy 2011 Guidebook, I used to watch his traveling show on PBS a very long time ago and I enjoyed it very much so. Another great book is Fodor's Rome's 25 Best since we will be in Rome for 3 full days and it comes with a fold out full color map too. The last is the Berlitz Italian Compact Dictionary which will be handy and I hope the two semesters of Italian I took in College will come back to me.

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