Monday, February 28, 2011


It has been really great seeing all my projects and plans for the wedding slowly coming together Which means that I will meet my goal of having all wedding planning completed by April 1st. Giving myself time for last minute items that might come up and maybe time to relax a bit before the big day.

I wanted to share another one of my DIY projects which will be part of the table decor. At first I was going to go the traditional way of paper mache. That means a big mess, lots of newspaper, longer drying time and more helpful hands to complete this project. That was until I discovered FastMache at Lyons, my local art supply store. I literally jumped for joy upon discovering this product and believe me I got a few side stares from other customers and employees because of my enthusiasm.

Last week I started to mold and shape the mache into 32 doves. It was an easy product to work with, even though it was quite sticky. The next step was to allow these doves to dry, followed by the initial first coat of paint. Since this dried to a pure white it did not require for me to layer on too much paint (big relief).

After the paint was dry my next step was to figure out how to decorate my doves. I spent quite a bit of time cutting out tear shapes out of blue felt, hot gluing those pieces to each bird for wings and then making 15 of these brides and 15 of them grooms (2 smaller ones were left for another decor item). Altogether this project only cost me $14.49 The Fast Mache was $8, felt $0.69, hot glue sticks $3.50, and a new shade of blue acrylic paint $2.30. The other odd items I already had in my craft stash so it made this DIY project easy to complete.

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