Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Over this past weekend I attended a fundraiser event for the Japanese Red Cross at The Torrance Museum of Art. As part of this event there was an art show Gateway: Japan curated by Yuko Wakaume, Ei Kibukawa and Max Presneill.

Gateway Japan offered visitors a chance to take a look at some Japanese artists in a contextual setting alongside some Japanese-American artists to investigate the similarities and differences that distance and immersion in a different culture may bring to each.

My fiancee has traveled to Japan several times, and during his first trip he meet some of the curators and artists that were at this show. There was a Sumo Wrestling match, which we unfortunately missed, along with lots of entertainment for visitors and their kids. In the end I expect this event to have raised a decent sum for the Japanese Red Cross. As many people are still missing and many are without their homes.

Here are some of my favorite works from the show.

Macha Suzuki

Devon Tsuno

Akihiro Yasugi

Kenichi Yokono

Satoshi Saegusa

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