Friday, March 4, 2011


I've got one more pre wedding festivity to look forward to this weekend. I will be attending my very own Bridal Shower for the family hosted by my future sister in law's Amber and Stephanie Nichols.

I am looking forward to what they have cooked up for this day. I know it is all going to be very lovely as I got a sneak peek at one of the decor items while at Amber & Renny's house the other weekend. There will be many photos to be shared from this event.

Tomorrow I will be picking up my mother and little sister from my favorite (sarcasm here) airport LAX. As they are coming down from Washington to be here for my Bridal Shower. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find something fun and relaxing to enjoy before it's back to the grind.

invite via Wedding Paper Divas


  1. Loved the theme! And your mom is way too cute.

  2. so pretty!