Friday, May 27, 2011


This weekend is Memorial Weekend here in the states. For most of us that work full time jobs this means we get a 3 day weekend with no work on Monday. Can I get a hooray!!

I will be flying up to the bay area with the hubby this weekend for the christening of Vesper Meili Gee. I have the honor of being one of the godmothers to this beautiful little girl. She is the daughter of my oldest and dearest friend Ampy. I am still quite taken back by the fact that I am a godmother to someone so special.

I have tried to do some research and read about other peoples experiences as godparents but unfortunately there were not many results on this topic. So here are some ways I hope to be a good godmother to Vesper. I want to maintain a great relationship with her as she gets older. I want to keep our relationship personal, and I want to see her often.I know that children do better when they are surrounded by people that love them. I am looking forward to seeing her precious little face and giving her lots of kisses on her chubby little cheeks this weekend.

The invitation and cute little Vesper.

With little Vesper, and her mommy Ampy during my rehearsal dinner.

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  1. that baby is the most delicious little morsel I've ever seen!