Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past 3 day weekend was one well spent with close friends and family. On Friday the hubby and I flew up to the bay area to attend my god daughters christening, followed by her red egg and ginger luncheon.

The christening went well despite both mommy and baby being tired. We were treated to short spot of rain in San Francisco during the luncheon at All Season's Restaurant. On our way back to the east bay from San Francisco we were able to see an entire rainbow from end to end, which was quite an awesome sight to see.

On their way back to San Francisco little Vesper was so tired she passed out in the car.

The favors of M & M's that had Vesper's little cute face printed on them.

The delicious cake and red velvet cupcakes

Of course the red eggs but no ginger.

We flew back home on Sunday morning so we could spend some time with my mother in laws cousin who was visiting with his wife on their way back to New Hampshire from Mazatlan. On Monday, also Memorial Day we went to vist Poppy's burial site along with Grandma, it could not have been more of an appropriate day to do this. We finished off our weekend with some lounging on the couch along with a few snacks.


  1. Oh my goodness, the baby is adorable! Soooo sweet :)
    And the treats look yummy ;)

  2. she is adorable indeed, love her little chubby cheeks. those cupcakes were scrumptious I have 4 hehe