Thursday, June 9, 2011


After a quick break from all of our activities earlier in the day we went on a night walk that we found in our Rick Steve's Guide book.

This walk included Piazza Venezia, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, starting in Campo dei Fiori. Since we already visited that area earlier in the day we skipped ahead and went straight for Piazza Colonna. We finished off at the Spanish Steps which were crowded with people and it was quite difficult to get a good photograph without people getting in your way.

In the end it was still worth it despite the crowds of people everywhere along our walk and we were lucky to be only walking distance away from all these great sights.

We always made sure to have a few of these with us just in case we got hungry or saw something we wanted to buy.

This was one of the things we did buy at the beginning of our walk

Walking down a very busy street to Piazza Colonna

The Trevi Fountain, crowded with people

A few cute shops we saw on our way to the Spanish Steps

This guy was selling some type of roasted chesnuts at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. We wanted to get some but he wanted 5 Euro for one bunch, a little too over priced for our liking.

The crowds of people in front and on the Spanish Steps, and a shot of me tucked away on one side

These are shots I took of buildings and things of interest on our way back to our hotel

I was quite entertained by this photo out side of a wedding photography shop behind our hotel

We decided to skip out on dinner yet again and enjoyed a little sandwich with items we purchased from the open air market earlier in the day. We did head up to the American Bar to finish off the night people watching and snacking on some olives and chips.


  1. When I was in Rome, I stayed near the Trevi Fountain...and still remember my morning run through the city center..what a city!!!

  2. There was no way i could have jogged in Rome. The air was too thick with smog and allergens for my weak sinuses. It is quite a city and you do have to visit more than once to see it all.

  3. Amazing city. As Kathrine during my first visit to Rome I stayed near the Trevi Fountain so everyday I would go there and take just some more photos :P

  4. it is quite the sight to see and to photograph

  5. Rome was one of my favorite cities I visited on my Europe trip a few years ago. You've got some beautiful pictures!