Friday, June 10, 2011


On our last full day in Roma we decided to take a morning walk to the Trastevere neighborhood right across the Tiber River. On our way there we stopped off at the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth).

We were planning on going inside and taking a photo with our hands in it's mouth but the line was terribly long and the entrance fee was way too overpriced. So I just stuck the camera lens in between the railing and got a pretty good shot of it.

We then headed over across the bridge to see the Santa Maria Church. In our guide book Rick Steve's warned travelers about how shady this area of Rome can be at night. It was surprisingly not to bad for the day time hours, despite the random alcoholics and druggies we saw congregating at the fountain in front of the Santa Maria.

After seeing the Sanata Maria we grabbed some lunch and headed over to the Isola Tiberina, which is a small island between the Ponte Fabricio, the only original bridge in Rome and the Ponte Cestio, of which only some original parts survived. We were actually not that impressed as the island only had a small church and a few touristy souvenir shops along with a cafe, and one gelateria.

We casually strolled back to our hotel to pack our belongings for our departure the next morning. This included a trip down the street to purchase some tape, laundry detergent, string, a lock, some cardboard, and a knife. We needed all these to package some artwork we bought for friends and for washing and hanging some dirty clothes for the hubby. I was quite surprised to learn that they sell different detergent for hand washing and for machine washing.

We finished off our last night in Rome by walking the streets in the rain in search for a nice place to eat our last meal in this city.


  1. Awesome pics! I don't recall having to pay to put my hand at Bocca della Verità but the truth is I only did it because there was no line when I got there xD

  2. maybe at different times of the year they charge an entrance fee