Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On the morning of our second day near Verona we took a look in our handy Rick Steve's guidebook to see what Verona has in store for us. We came to find that Verona is quite a small city and best know for the fictional story of Romeo and Juliet, along for it's arena that is famous for putting on great Opera's.

Opera,is very popular in Verona and if it was the right time during our trip we would have gone to see one. Every year they hold the Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona and it looks like this festival goes all the way through the summer. Verona is Italy's fourth-most-visited city and second in the Veneto region only to Venice in population and artistic importance. If you don't need world-class sights, this town is a joy.

The city is so famous for love that it gets countless letters addressed simply to "Juliet, Verona, Italy." There are even volunteers to respond to these mostly lovesick people . And they're getting even busier, thanks to the movie Letters to Juliet, about a girl who finds a letter while visiting the House of Juliet and travels through Italy to help reunite the author with her lost love.

These are photos from some of the sights we saw on our walk.

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  1. Great flick. Just saw it. How wonderful you were there.