Monday, July 25, 2011


We decided to extend out stay in San Gimignano for one more day so we could take a drive out to Pisa and Volterra.

A quick glance at our driving route for the day

Here is a glance at where this area is located on the continent of Italy

Getting to Pisa was not that difficult but finding the parking lot was another story. To avoid any possible fines or damage to our rental car we either paid for parking in a garage or we looked for a public parking lot wherever we went. After finally arriving at this parking lot all we had to do was to wait for the next bus that shuttles visitors back and forth between the parking lot and the area where the Leaning Tower stands. It was quite entertaining to see that even in this barren parking lot there were vendors selling their cheaply made souvenirs, all the same as everywhere we had already been.

Once you are dropped off outside the walls of the Field of Miracles you are again bombarded by tented stalls of more vendors selling the same stuff all along the outer walls. My first impression of this city was that it looked a lot like Tijuana, Mexico. The streets were dirty and there was bits of trash everywhere. Some of the buildings were dilapidated and all the pushy vendors totally reminded me of markets in Mexico. But as soon as you walk past all of this into the Field of Miracles where the Tower, The Cathedral and Duomo stand you definitely get a true feeling of what medieval Italy was like.

For more on why the tower is called the "leaning tower" check out this site here.

After walking through the Field of Miracles we stopped at yet another Chinese restaurant for a quick lunch before heading off to Volterra.

Here are some of our photos from our visit.

Where we ate our lunch.

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