Friday, July 22, 2011


From every angle of the town of San Gimignano the appearance is medieval. From the roads, the public square, civil areas , to religious and military constructions. When a visitor walks into an alley of stone or bricks for the first time they would believe that they have been cast back in time to a village crystallized in the 14th century.

In 1229 the historical alliance of San Gimignano with Florence became stronger. In these years the city skyline of Saint Gimignano was studded with numerous towers, symbols and testimonies to the fortune of the families that possessed them, and still today the city is known throughout the world as 'San Gimignano dalle belle torri' (San Gimignano with the beautiful towers). In the 13th century there were 72 towers, but today only 14 have survived.
(historical source)

These are some of the photos we took of the towers

The sign denying us access to climb the tower


  1. beautiful towers and so much history! i'd love to visit there sometime :)