Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have to say that I will never forget how much my arms hurt after lugging our luggage across town on the cobble stones and through the crowds so we could check into our new hotel for the remainder of your stay in Florence. My hubby says that his elbows still hurt from it, that is because he had the misfortune of taking my suitcase.

Since we were both pretty much spent after our move across town we took a few hours to lounge in our room before heading out to the Michelangelo Square and then dinner. The walk up to the square was more than we expected with a steep slope halfway up and then even steeper stairs to the very top. Once we reached the top you quickly forget about the workout on the way up because of the beautiful views of the city.

We were lucky to see two couples who were just married taking photos in the square. The usual souvenir vendors were lurking about and the most amusing part was a car that was all tricked out for fast and furious times blasting Celine Dione from it's fancy sound system.

Here are some of the shots form our stroll.

After our walk we stopped off at our hotel to find that we just received turn down service and they left this little box for us. It was filled it delicious little chocolates!