Thursday, July 14, 2011


When we checked into our new hotel the concierge told us that tonight would be their  "White Night" and that they would be serving drinks and hors d'oeuvre at the bar. We both sort of shrugged it off as an event only for the hotel and we did not think anything of it. Later that evening during our dinner we began to notice large crowds of people walking up and down the street right outside the restaurant where we dined. We were both puzzled by this and after we finished our meal we decided to take a stroll to find out what this was all about.

As we exited the restaurant a passer by handed us a flyer for Notte Bianca 2011. Still puzzled we opened up the flyer to read about it and we cae to the realization that the city of Florence was having an all night festival. This explained the massive crowds of people walking the streets. Below is a little description of what this event entails.

 The “notte bianca” or “white night” is when the city sanctions staying up late and has special events and late openings planned. The city of Florence was a blaze of lights and life on the streets of the city. 19 museums were open all night for free exhibitions, shows and concerts, film screenings and initiatives in the main city libraries. Along with theaters, art installations, performances and tours. This sleepless night also welcomes children, with a specific program that runs between Old Palace, the Botanical Institute of the Innocents and other places in the city center. This is taken form the official website for the vent and from the flyer we were handed.

We both agree that this was one of our most favorite parts of entire trip. It was so interesting to see people of all ages flocking to the city to have a good time with each other. We called it a night around 2am but we still heard people celebrating until 6am that morning. If we ever get a chance to revisit this city we will make sure to pan for April 30th.

Below is a video of the event and some photos we took.

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