Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Here are some of my favorites moments from 2011


I visited my one of my best friends in San Francisco for her first baby shower. Followed by a two week trip for work to Houston, Texas.


One of the most memorable events of this month was my bachelorette weekend with some of my favorite girlfriends in Santa Barbara.


March was full of wedding prep and my family bridal shower. Thank you again Stephanie. Amber and Cora for putting on such a lovely bridal shower.


April was pretty much all about our wedding and honeymoon to Italy. I did however have time to visit Disneyland for the very first time with my sister and our awesome co-worker Camille.


Our first two weeks of May were spent in Italy finishing off our almost month long honeymoon. We also had the arrival of our nephew August who was born on my hubbies birthday.


We were starting to really feel he summer weather in June and we got our first peaches on our brand new peach tree. To finish off the month we took a trip to Las Vegas to attend my brothers wedding.


We drove out to Palm Dessert for the fourth of July weekend and caught some sun rays. It is one of our favorite past times.


Took a little drive out to Solvang for my birthday. Harvested our first grapes from our own garden.


My hubby and I checked out a new nursery and where we ended up purchasing an exotic citrus tree. I was lucky enough to get to spend sometime over a lovely lunch with one of my best gal pals Sovana before she took off for a month long trip to Missouri.


October is one of my favorite months because of Halloween, that is mainly because I have a reason to dress in costume. We also threw a baby shower for another awesome coworker who was having her first baby. We enjoyed the last few weeks of summer like days in the garden.


I surprisingly did not have my camera out and about as usual this month. It probably had to do with the fact that there was just too much going on at work. We did get to spend Thanksgiving with the family as always.


For the last month of the year we got to fly up to Washington state where my immediate family lives to spend Christmas time together. It was a very cold visit to Washington and we were both happy to be back in warm southern California ( Sorry Washingtonians we Californians can't hang. It's because we are spoiled with lovely weather pretty much all year long ).


  1. ah! I love your 2011! You got to go/do some amazing things, that's for sure!

  2. yay for 2011! I'm mostly focused on what seems to be a really awesome old family pic in the background of this "new" family picture