Friday, January 6, 2012


Instead of making year long goals I am going to focus in on a few short term goals for this coming year. This was surprisingly much easier to do last year when I had a wedding and honeymoon to plan.

First I would like to reevaluate my goals from last year . Doing so will help me to determine what I would like to accomplish in 2012. I know that a few of my goals from the previous year  will be carried over into this new year.

Last years goals:

1. To be a perfect homemaker. ( I will leave this one as ongoing)
2. To complete all wedding planning by April 1st. ( check, and double check)
3. To get myself in shape for the wedding with the help of Jillian Michaels.
( Definitely completed this one! Now it's an ongoing goal to stay in shape)
4. To pick-up sewing again. ( This will be ongoing as well. I have done some alterations this
past year)
5. To book and plan out our honeymoon trip to Italy. ( I can check this one off as well)

This years goals:

1. Finish painting all the rooms in our home
2. Organize and start using my craft room for real crafting. Instead always using the dinning room table!
3. Refashion a vintage dress I was gifted a long time ago for my brothers wedding in March
4. Complete the planning and booking of my 30th birthday trip this summer
5. Get back to blogging on a regular basis

I wish everyone a very happy new year and good luck on your own goals as well.

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  1. Happy new year and good luck with your goals. Short term goals are definitely a good idea. having big goals at the start of the year can sometimes be over whelming and difficult to stay focused on.